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What are some great Halloween costumes?

by: SophieO

I want to be a scary character for Halloween. blood is a costume plus. Any suggestions?

Asked 4 Years Ago / 1 Answers

Where to find cute office accessories?

by: Alana_Moore

Just got that corner office and now it's time to decorate. Any suggestions on cute office decorations and accessories...

Asked 5 Years Ago / 1 Answers
Swimsuit Season

Where can I find some funny bumper stickers?

by: Swimsuit Season

I want to get some bumper stickers to give my friends after we go on our summer road trip. Has anybody seen some...

Asked 5 Years Ago / 1 Answers
Swimsuit Season

I need some party favor ideas?

by: Swimsuit Season

I'm throwing a pool party and I don't want guests to leave empty handed. I always love getting party favors. What are...

Asked 5 Years Ago / 3 Answers

Do Burberry make golf bags?

by: Mandy_Morrow

My dad has been playing golf for quite some time now and he mentioned that he would like to have a Burberry golf...

Asked 5 Years Ago / 1 Answers

Are there any sexy hello kitty costume out there?

by: Barb_Nelson

I want to dress up as Hello Kitty for Halloween but all the costumes I'm seeing look cheap and cheesy. Are there any...

Asked 5 Years Ago / 1 Answers

I need a great straw bag for the beach!

by: SophieO

I go to the beach almost everyday. I need a great new straw bag that can hold all my necessities. Where can I find a...

Asked 5 Years Ago / 1 Answers

Are there cupcakes for dogs?

by: Brittany_Gomes

My puppy birthday is coming up and he's having a "puppy bash".. I want to make cupcakes for the dogs. Do they sell...

Asked 5 Years Ago / 1 Answers
Kari Kersten

Are short longboards better for a 8 yr old and what brand?

by: Kari Kersten

My son has become a little daredevil. he want's a longboard for his birthday coming up. My husband and I can't decide...

Asked 5 Years Ago / 2 Answers

Which is your fav Moet Champagne Rose' or Nectar Imperial?

by: jadendoe01

I'm not a huge fan of champagne but when I do drink it I prefer the "Nectar Imperial" over the overrated Rose' by...

Asked 5 Years Ago / 3 Answers
Lily Chu

Do they have leather designer passport covers?

by: Lily Chu

I travel a lot and my passport has taken a MAJOR beating. I was wondering if they created passport covers like they...

Asked 5 Years Ago / 2 Answers

Can someone please provide me with a unrated movies list?

by: Tony23

I want to put together a collection of good, funny and entertaining unrated movie list. Suggestions please?

Asked 5 Years Ago / 1 Answers

Are glass water bottles better than plastic?

by: TiffanyLove

I'm seeing more and more people at the gym carrying glass water bottles. What's the difference between glass and...

Asked 5 Years Ago / 1 Answers

Where can I get an Harley Quinn costume for under $200?

by: Elizabeth_Thomas

I want to dress up as the sexy villain for Halloween but the prices are a little too much. There has to be a cheaper...

Asked 5 Years Ago / 3 Answers

Is Skullcandy the only brand that has colorful headphones?

by: jadendoe01

I'm really digging the colorful headphones from Skullcandy. Where can i find similar styles?

Asked 5 Years Ago / 1 Answers
Summer Sandals

I'm having a tiki party and need decorations!

by: Summer Sandals

Does anybody have some great ideas on what I should decorate with or have at my tiki party?

Asked 5 Years Ago / 2 Answers
eBay - tiki, Paintings, Prints items
Swimsuit Season

What do I wear to a bon fire beach party?

by: Swimsuit Season

It's at night, and I don't want to be cold. but I still wanna look beachy. any ideas?

Asked 5 Years Ago / 3 Answers
ArtBuzz: art fire line: fire pits, grills + lighting
Swimsuit Season

looking for a beach coverup that is not see through.

by: Swimsuit Season

I get burned so easily at the beach. Are there any good beach coverups that will actually cover me?

Asked 5 Years Ago / 1 Answers
Maison Scotch Kaftan Maxi Dress at ASOS

I'm looking for a kenny powers costume for halloween...

by: Tyson

But I don't want to buy one "pre-made". How can I put together a Kenny Power's costume from real clothes?

Asked 5 Years Ago / 1 Answers
Kenny Powers Halloween Costume

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