All Sorts Of Stuff - Free Classified Advertising

All Sorts Of Stuff - Free Classified Advertising Yes, it's an unashamed plug for a new website that offers free classified advertising but looks really pretty at the same time. It's quick, easy and free to register and posting an advert couldn't be easier. Ads can have 7 images at no extra cost and all ads last for 30 days. The site is available to a global audience but focuses on USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australasia and works in USD, GBP and the EURO. The home page is quite explicit and explains everything the site is and does but there are a number of other useful pages, such as the FAQ page which should answer most questions plus several other pages that cover the usual About Us details, their Privacy Policy, the Terms and Conditions, Safety and a Contact Us page. Once you have registered and then logged in the site detects your location from the registered address/location and provides adverts from that country and region. But you can filter ads to ANY country or region so your search for something should be very easy.