The Home of All Things Mingering

The Home of All Things Mingering

This has got to be the most interesting story I've heard in years. A private investigator and vinyl-junkie stumbles upon what seems to be garbage at a flea market in downtown DC: a collection of handmade cardboard albums with amazing painted cover art, liner notes, serial numbers and even cardboard "records" inside dating from the late 60's and early 70's. Realizing these records, over 50 LPs, at least as many 45s and lyric sheets, were more than mere refuse, Dori Hadar put his detective skills to work and soon located the mystery soul superstar the world had never heard of, Mingering Mike, nearly 30 years after he created these albums. A friendship soon formed between Dori and Mike and together they decided to shine a light on the body of work that Mike had kept secret for decades. They made public the audio and visual diary made during Mike's formative years, from a teenager who dreamed of becoming a star to an adult who faced the Vietnam draft, civil unrest in the nation's capitol, the scourge of drugs in the inner city and all the amazing music to come out of those turbulent years. Mike's work seen as a whole is truly a document of one man's experience during America's most creative and destructive periods. The book and the exhibit (if you can make it to DC) are truly mind-blowing. Don't sleep on this. With stories from the New York Times, The New Yorker, Wax Poetics, The Fader, Flaunt, Tokion and Entertainment Weekly, among many others, heaping praise on the new book, Mingering Mike: The Amazing Career of an Imaginary Soul Superstar (2007, Princeton Architectural Press) the most celebrated outsider-artist since the discovery of Henry Darger is finally getting his due. Currently, most of Mingering Mike's work is on display through the end of July at Hemphill Fine Arts in Washington DC. A portion of the work was also displayed at the South Eastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA) in 2005. There are currently plans to have the show travel to LA, NY and Europe. A limited edition vinyl 45 of "There's Nothing Wrong with You Baby" is due to be released in a few weeks courtesy of the Vanguard Squad. A CD of Mike's music interpreted by current artists is in the works as well.

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  • Holy Cow! This is amazing. Would you really want to play your guitar this artist be-dazzled it with beads? I should say that you SHOULD play it if it's going to cost you $15,000!

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  • Seven years ago MIT did something extraordinary and if you haven't heard about it you really should. And you should tell everyone you know. They put the majority of their audio, visual and class lecture coursework online. Free.... Seven years ago MIT did something extraordinary and if you haven't heard about it you really should. And you should tell everyone you know. They put the majority of their audio, visual and class lecture coursework online. Free. For all of us to use. Yes, the same information their students get in class, now direct to our home computers to use as a resource, reference and for personal and professional enrichment. Why? Well read farther down for a message from the President. The courses cover everything from Architecture to Music to Women's Studies. It's a virtual treasure trove that can be utilized by almost every field. So enjoy and poke around the site. I think it's one of the greatest gifts available online. And free, to boot. Oh, and they have a companion site geared to high school students. ___________________ From the President: full text: "As president of MIT, I have come to expect top-level innovative and intellectually entrepreneurial ideas from the MIT community. When we established the Council on Educational Technology at MIT, we charged a sub-group with coming up with a project that reached beyond our campus classrooms. "I have to tell you that we went into this expecting that something creative, cutting-edge and challenging would emerge. And, frankly, we also expected that it would be something based on a revenue-producing model -- a project or program that took into account the power of the Internet and its potential for new applications in education. "OpenCourseWare is not exactly what I had expected. It is not what many people may have expected. But it is typical of our faculty to come up with something as bold and innovative as this, " President Vest commented. "OpenCourseWare looks counter-intuitive in a market driven world. It goes against the grain of current material values. But it really is consistent with what I believe is the best about MIT. It is innovative. It expresses our belief in the way education can be advanced -- by constantly widening access to information and by inspiring others to participate," said President Vest. "Simply put, OpenCourseWare is a natural marriage of American higher education and the capabilities of the World Wide Web," he said.

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