Email Marketing & Blogging Software iContact

Email Marketing & Blogging Software  iContact

I am an e-mail marketing nut and when it comes to reliable, yet affordable e-mail marketing companies, I don't go for Constant Contact, I choose iContact (formally Intellicontact). iContact has proven itself over the years as a dependable e-mail marketing company that let's you deliver HTML formatted e-mails to your e-mail lists with high deliverability and accuracy. You can track the results too. Let's say you send an e-mail to 100 people. You can see who opened the e-mail, how many times they opened it, when they opened it and what they clicked on. Sounds like big brother, eh? Well, more importantly to me, I can understand how effective my marketing messages are or not. The other great thing about iContact is that they are continually developing new technologies for online marketing such as blogging, RSS and public newsletter archives. The iContact team is small, yet always useful. I use this with all my clients.