Go-Go Juice The Healthiest Drink On The Go!

Go-Go Juice  The Healthiest Drink On The Go!

Grab & Go.....One Of the Most Powerful Antioxidant Juices! Go-Go Juice™ Blows Away The Competition with the Highest Tested Antioxidant (ORAC) Levels! Go-Go Juice™ was developed to give you not only the highest antioxidant benefits, but the most important bio-active ingredients for superior health. Physicians suggest that eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables (mainly because of their antioxidant levels) will help prevent many diseases and also promote good health. We recognize the importance of eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, but know that this can be very challenging. Drinking 1 serving of Go-Go Juice™ each day can help fulfill your daily antioxidant needs and provide other health benefits. Go-Go Juice™ has been tested to have one of the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) antioxidant levels per daily serving. No other product in the world compares to our synergistic proprietary blend of specialized anti-aging nutrients in our all-in-one, easy to use, single serve juice. Great tasting and full of energy in every serving, make Go-Go Juice™ a part of your daily routine.