Pin Up Guy Bath Towel, Beefcake!!!

Pin Up Guy Bath Towel,  Beefcake!!!

You're in constant need of a handyman to help around the house. Never fear. Manifold delivers. We can't promise that he'll actually be able to fix anything, but at least he'll always be at hand (ha!) when you need him. Your friends may not believe that you actually know your way around a toolkit, but at least they'll know you have style. In addition to showing off these towels in your bathroom, we suggest you also keep one on in your nightstand (or under your bed) next to your reading materials. You never know when you'll also need an extra pair of hands (again, ha!) in your bedroom . . . for something. As with all our towels, they're 100% cotton and are hand-embroidered to ensure a long life for your guy.