Valenkis Rus Snow Boots: Made in Russia 100% Wool

Valenkis Rus  Snow Boots: Made in Russia 100% Wool

[I wish for the Black ones in a 6.5, please] Valenki are winter boots. Ideal for cold temperatures and snow.Valenki should not be worn in the rain. Valenki are a unique product. Made out of 100% wool, from tools that saw the rise and fall of the Soviet Empire. You can be sure that your pair of Valenki will be somehow different from the rest. Expect slight variations in height, color, and thickness of wool from pair to pair. At first Valenki will feel a little stiff, but as you wear them they will get softer and mold to the shape of your foot. Valenki do not have a snug fit - they have the fit of a rubber rain boot. The Galoshi is made of rubber and is used to protect Valenki from moisture and wear. Generally, if you use Valenki in the snow and below zero temperatures, there is no need to wear galoshi. However, it is recommended for use on city streets.