SleepEase by sprayology

SleepEase  by sprayology

I LOVE Sprayology's SleepEase homeopathic sleep aid. I have never been a fan of sleeping pills and think making a pot of chamomille before bed is a hassle. But I totally dig SleepEase. Made w/valerian and chamomille and other herbal goodness, just spray a couple of bursts under your tongue and you will start to chill out pretty quickly. There is no high w/SleepEase but there is a nice mellow/relaxed feeling that you get from it. And it seems to induce the most awesome, occasionally lucid (ie where you can control the action) dreams in me, which I totally love. So not only can I get a restful night of sleep (I am usually a very light sleeper), I often get the benefit of some pretty wild adventures into the subconscious. Highly recommended