Megatouch Gametime Arcade System

Megatouch Gametime  Arcade System

from Frontgate: The Megatouch Gametime ™ Arcade System is the home version of the countertop video arcade system found in restaurants, bars, and arcades. With more than 30 games installed, it offers countless hours of at-home entertainment for everyone. The flat screen, touchscreen monitor takes up only 1 sq. ft. of space on your counter, bar, or tabletop. * Game system is packed with more than 30 popular one- to four-player games * Different game categories include Strategy, Quiz and Word, Action, Puzzles, Cards, and Kid's Club * Additional game packages are available * Suitable for players ages 8 and up, and all skill levels * High-quality 17" LCD flat screen is perfect for countertop play in the bar or game room * Connect your existing broadband Ethernet cable to the back of the Megatouch for tournament play and Web browsing * Backed by an industry-leading, one-year limited warranty * Wireless internet ready * Read more features and benefits