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Oct 5, 2008


About AlexKaz:

I'm a girl who likes to be individual. The one who stands out in the crowd. I love saving the environment, but I also love shopping and I love it even more when I can combine the two!
I'm a rebel, an extrovert, an introvert, and better yet, I'm totally me and no one else.

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  • Private [?]

    From: zoewscott

    Can't wait to see your recommendations, Alex!

    Posted 7 Years Ago

  • Private [?]

    From: zzkko

    nice share

    Posted 2 Years Ago

  • Private [?]

    From: fASHLINdesigner

    Glad you liked my hands on dress find.. comment next time girly!

    Posted 5 Years Ago

  • Private [?]

    From: fenixshopspot

    beautiful avy! thanks for befriending me! lots of good stuff here!!!

    Posted 6 Years Ago