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Founded in 1999, APB (American Pig Brand) is a streetwear clothing brand based in San Diego, California, targeting men and women between the ages of 14 and 35.

APB has established a brand based on the concept of the unique and often excessive aspects of American culture. From SUV’s, to 24 hour drive-thrus, to pre-approved platinum credit cards, American's super-sized lifestyle is extraordinary. The brand's graphics and logos balance current trends and style, as well as portray the core concept. The nature and tone of the APB voice is clever, witty, humorous, and well styled. It encompasses commercialism, politics, pop culture, and topical issues.

The APB concept of satirizing the establishment is not a new one but its unique brand and identity are. It celebrates the American way - our freedom, our individualism, and our quirks. It acknowledges that we, as Americans, like to be our own spokespersons and proudly display our points of view and expressions.

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    From: JustEliana

    Someone has a birthday coming soon! Add some products to your Wish List. You can email it to your friends to give them a little nudge. :) AIM me at ElianaTN if you have any questions.

    Posted 9 Years Ago

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    From: CadetLady

    American Pig I love your style! Awesome website as well!

    Posted 9 Years Ago