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Aug 22, 2007


About BethennyFrankel:

I'm a Celebrity Natural Food Chef, so health and taste are my first priorities. I consider myself a health foodie who possesses the gift of making healthy food taste delicious.

Before I embraced the culinary arts, I had successful careers producing large-scale events such as “The Rock,” “Conair,” “Evita” premieres, the Emmy’s, and the Grammy’s as well as a thriving company called Princess Pashmina where I was the first to import the coveted shawls and distribute them to Hollywood’s most famous celebrities. I was featured on E! in “People,” InStyle, and W magazine and sold to stores all over the world.

Because my passion has always been in health and healing, I later attended the Natural Gourmet Cooking Institute in New York simply as a life change and a hobby. Immediately after I graduated, I combined my innovative culinary skills and drive to succeed by forming my company BethennyBakes®, a company that ranges from a line of wheat, egg and dairy free baked goods to cooking for private clients to my custom meal delivery service creating nutritious meals tailored to one’s specific needs whether vegan, macrobiotic, post-pregnancy, weight loss or simply to eat healthfully.

I cook for celebrity clients including Mariska Hargitay (pre, during and post-pregnancy), Alicia Silverstone, Brooke Hogan, Michael J. Fox, Paris, Nikki and Kathy Hilton to name a few. I have also prepared meals for clients of world-renowned celebrity nutritionist Oz Garcia.

I was named the “break-out star” on NBC’s Martha Stewart Apprentice in 2005. I was the runner-up in the premiere television program and was praised for my talents both in the conference room and kitchen by Martha Stewart.

I have a health column in Hamptons magazine and have been featured in several publications such as Life and Style, Gotham, Ok, Us Weekly, InStyle, Star and People and have been featured on morning shows such as the Martha Stewart show and NBC Morning Show.

I follow the footsteps of Rocco di Spirito and Tyler Florence and have been selected as the hostess for Chefdance 2007, a 10-day culinary event during the Sundance Film Festival. I have chosen ten world-famous chefs to prepare private, exclusive, signature dinners for an event to be attended by celebrities, socialites, entertainment industry giants, musicians and major media outlets.

I am the new spokesperson for Pepperidge Farm's Naturals,, and my YouTube videos are the most watched on the entire web!

I continue to build my brand as a celebrity natural foods chef. My goal is to “democratize health,” making a healthy, balanced lifestyle accessible to all. I currently reside in New York City with my dog, Cookie where I am currently working on “The Thin Book: The 25 Rules to Being Thin Without Dieting."

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    From: modi

    I think you are such an awesome person! I love to watch you on TV you always make me laugh:) I recently became vegan and a lot of your recipes sound delicious! I feel amazing and love the results that I have seen thus far. Its great to have so much energy at work and in the gym now! I cant wait for your new book to come out. Keep up the good work... Modi, in Houston, TX

    Posted 9 Years Ago