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Introduced in 2001, the Breil Milano Jewelry Collection reinvented the way we look at jewelry and allows the consumer to choose the look that fits their style. Our innovative designers conceptualized the idea of taking one necklace and transforming it into multiple looks thus creating entire collections. Over time, Breil Milano has developed into a lifestyle brand and has become one of the Binda Group's primary brands.

The Binda Group, established in 1906, is the Italian market leader in watches and jewelry and currently considered a benchmark in Europe. In the jewelry sector, the Group's innovative skills have been even more evident in recent years with its Breil jewelry in stainless steel and semi-precious stones. A common thread for all of Binda's products is the undisputed ability to produce unique and distinctive designs that always pay justice to the true value of each brand.

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    Wonderful work!

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    its greatttttt

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    Hello, my name is Muller Jean Francois. I'am a artist,

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    Thank you for giving ThisNext a great savings opportunity! Your watches are timeless beauties.

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