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Until now, style-savvy women were hard-pressed to find a sexy, modern undergarment to wear under flesh baring fashions. This dilemma inspired Bristols 6 founders Christine Benidt and Danielle Beck to develop a range of intimate alternatives and barely-there undergarments that are functional yet aesthetically pleasing.

Based in Venice, California in 2000, Beck officially joined up with Benidt and set their ideas in motion. After three years of research into the medical adhesive business, and a few more years of testing a huge range of styles, shapes, and fabrics, Bristols 6¹s premiere collections were launched in 2005. Their first creations, Nippies, are the only nipple covers to be made from real lingerie fabrics such as satin and lace rather than paper or silicone. Nippies are a beautiful mate to a sexy pair of panties. With 4 shapes and over 30 different fabrics, from subtle skin tones to sparkly sequins, every woman
can find something that suits her style. In the past year, Bristols6 has launched two more products: Stylin Tap and Nippies Silicone!

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