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Experience the Freedom. Wear what you like and be confident you're not showing more than you want!

Bristols 6 offers the perfect products for when you need a little coverage but can't (or don't want to!) wear a bra.

Nippies and Nippies Silicone are stylin' under sheers, deep V's & cut up tees. No bra straps to show or bind, stays on under water, comfortable and naked feeling even to the touch, Nippies are sexy when you show them off, or keep a little secret for that special night.

Stylin' Tape secures plunging necklines, slipping shoulder straps and holds up strapless bras, tops & dresses. From special nights out to keeping covered at work, Stylin' Tape keeps your clothes where they belong: on you!

Reveal the real you, be proud, love life and your body.

<3 Bristols 6

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    From: Alyson Wilson

    Brody Bear, you're hot stuff!

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