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The Butler Bag is a product created by Jen Groover. Jen was inspired by the common problem of digging through a purse in panic wondering whether something was lost or if she was holding up a line of people. Time after time, Jen thought, "There has to be a better way; there has to be a way to design the interior of a purse to be more functional but also fun and fashionable on the outside." As a creative person without boundaries, Jen took a dishwasher tray and placed it in her bag and "voila", everything had a place and was at her fingertips: cell phone, cosmetics, keys, etc. No more digging. She knew instantly that this was the solutions he had been searching for and knew other women would feel the same. Jen has re-invented the purse and elevated the expectations of purses forever.

Jen’s little stroke of genius graced the pages of magazines such as O Magazine, Accessories Magazine (as a "best of 2006"), Redbook, Us Weekly and Life & Style Magazine to name a few in only its first year, and walked the Red Carpet in both the Emmys, Miami Vice Premiere, and Video Music Awards. The bag is so popular that it has been known to open stores at a rapid pace and the sales have been beyond company and personal expectations. Within a year of its introduction to the market, and without spending a penny on advertising, the Butler Bag Company is on target to break many industry records.

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