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Lasting impressions from my childhood in Johannesburg, South Africa deeply influenced my creation of Earthworks Products in 2005. A strikingly beautiful and highly cultured Russian grandmother passed on an appreciation for art, finery, taste and quality. A father who started life as an artist and violinist, studied pharmacy and ultimately became a pioneer of health spas in South Africa awakened a fascination with self-care, scent and natural ingredients.

Exposure to the Spa caused me to become intrigued with skin care at an early age. In my teens, I began mixing creams and blending essential oils to create new scents.

I’ve traveled extensively over the years and continued to be fascinated with skincare and the replenishing rituals of bathing. My lifelong passions for beauty and travel come together at last in Earthworks with exquisite formulations and “pur-essence” scents that can each be pinpointed to a specific experience and place.

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