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Oct 11, 2009


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I LOVE CATS!!! love them, study them, have them, and oh have i said already that i love cats?
If you love your little furrbabies just as much as i do (they always get all they want from me by just meowing or licking my hand! i love them!!) then i highly recommend you to read all these tips for loving cat owners, on how to better play with your cat, how to properly groom your kitty cat and all about your cats health. (Sometimes also some funny cat videos and songs!)

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    From: siamese4life

    Thanks for adding me to your friends list.Looking forward to great pet finds.

    Posted 7 Years Ago

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    From: Jolieske Loosjes

    Hello there! I've just added you to my friends list because I love cats too :) I just got a little kitten called Valentino! Look forward to seeing your recommendations! xx

    Posted 8 Years Ago

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    From: JustEliana

    Hey there! I'm Eliana, your newest ThisNext fan. Just wondering...what kinda stuff do you like? Click the "recommendations" link above to tell us about your favorite products. Also, don’t forget to check out our Halloween shopping guide, to get some great ideas!

    Posted 8 Years Ago