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Aug 19, 2010


About Delegate-Shukoor:

Shukoor Ahmed for Maryland House of Delegates (23A) At a Glance

CEO, V-Empower, Inc.
Founder, Statedemocracy Foundation
Leading a very successful career for about 21 years in the US, starting as a Travel Agent/International Air Tariff expert to a CEO of one of the fastest growing company according to Inc. Magazine in 2007.

Currently, dividing time between being a CEO, Mentor, Facilitator, Non-Profit Executive, Community Worker & a family man with 2 wonderful kids and spouse.

Political Involvement/Affiliation

President Obama 2008: Internet/Technology Team & Volunteer
Bill Bradley for President 2000: Field Director
Joe Lieberman for President 2004: State Director
Bill Richardson for President 2008: Prince George’s County Coordinator
Katina Johnston for Congress, New York, 2002: Campaign Manager
Mentor to David Murray & Ed Burroughs for School Board, 2010
Maryland House of Delegates, 2006: Candidate
Delegate John Giannetti (Laurel), 1999: Legislative Aide
Helped over 50 Political Candidates & over 50 Non-Profit Organizations (as a volunteer)
Governor Oden Bowie Democratic Club (Vice President, 1994-96)

Awards & Honors

Outstanding Alumni by Strayer University, 2009
Governor's Service Award in 2006 (Governor Ehrlich)
Ranked 5th in Local Giving (Washington DC) by Business Journal, 2009
Minority Business Award by Business Journal in 2008
Recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing company in US in 2007 (Ranked # 267)
White House Fellowship Regional Finalist (Made the list of 108 applicants out of 9000) in 2005
Nominated for the Patricia Wallace Outstanding Citizen of Bowie (1994 & 1995)
Nominated for the Presidential Service Award in 1995 (President Clinton)
Nominated for the Governor's Volunteer Award in 1995 (Governor Glendening)
Nominated for the Prince Georgian of the Year Award (1995)

Legislative Accomplishment

Only Democrat in Prince George’s County to Support Public School Choice (Began the campaign in 1998 and helped enact Public School Choice in 2003. Currently there are 36 Charter Schools in the State serving about 12,249 students)
Only Candidate in District 23A who supported Inter County Connector (will be opened in 2010)
Only Candidate in District 23A that supported Slots Revenue for Education (Passed through Referendum 2008)
Assisted groups to lobby for Stem cell Research (2006)
Helped Repeal Tax on IT/Computer Industry (2008)


Fellowship in Entrepreneurship, University of Maryland, 2005
MPP, Master in Public Policy, American University, 1999
BS, Computer Information Systems, Strayer University, 1993
BS, Mathematics & Physics, Osmania University, 1983


Shukoor is an example of the American dream being alive and well. He came to America as an immigrant from India a little over 18 years ago, with just $500 in his pocket. Since then he has been able to start a family with his wonderful wife, get a graduate degree, and build his own company from the ground up.

Before coming here, Shukoor’s parents instilled the value of getting an education, which is why upon arrival, he completed his Bachelors in Information Systems (he later went on to complete his Masters in Public Policy from American University). He then worked in the travel industry where he learned the basics of customer-service. This is also where he was able to hone his listening skills, believe him, the only thing worse than getting your flight cancelled is dealing with the person who just had his flight cancelled.

From the start, Shukoor also immersed himself in community service, working with several non-profits, social organizations and faith groups. In fact, between 1992 and 2006 he volunteered on average, 30 hours a week with such causes. Some of these groups included Lutheran Social Services, Winter Haven Homeless Shelter, Habitat for Humanity, State Democracy Foundation and Ayesha & Ali Padder Foundation.

Shukoor runs his own IT consulting company and knows the daily challenges faced by a small business. Challenges like meeting a payroll and providing healthcare for employees are just two examples of how he can apply his business experience in serving the public good as a State Delegate.

Shukoor knows what it’s like to wage an uphill battle, to fight for what you believe, and above all else, never, ever, lose hope and faith in yourself. It is with the same energy and enthusiasm that he enters this race for State Delegate. He has always believed in the American dream and it has never failed him. He now asks the citizens of District 23A to believe in him, he won’t fail you.

From the news paper:

Shukoor Ahmed, of Bowie, is making a second run for the District 23A seat in the Maryland House of Delegates, which runs from Route 50 in Bowie to South Laurel. Ahmed ran unsuccessfully for the office in 2006, but said this time around, he expects to win.

"I'm working harder than I did in 2006 -- although I worked hard then -- and I think my chances of winning look good," Ahmed said. "If the election were held today, I'd probably win because I've reached out to thousands of people and helped constituents with things they need like internships and scholarships"

The 47-year-old Ahmed, who announced his candidacy for the District 23A seat earlier this month, grew up in Hyderabad, India. He came to the United States in 1988 and moved to Bowie in 1992.

Ahmed has worked on local and national political campaigns, including President Barack Obama's and says he believes his experience as the owner of V-Empower, an information technology and Web-based consulting company, is a strong asset he would bring to the office.

"Being an entrepreneur, I believe I can be very useful as a delegate because a lot of what's happening in state government and the economy has to do with creating jobs, and my background as a businessman will be valuable," Ahmed said. "Many elected officials in Annapolis are lawyers, and that's great, but those with technical and business backgrounds are also needed to help with the issues of job growth and creation."

If elected, Ahmed said he'd push for tax breaks for small businesses, which is where he believes new jobs in the state will be created in the future.

"You can't create many jobs on the government level, but I hope it will happen on the small business and entrepreneurship levels, which is why, as a legislator, I'd want to make it (the General Assembly) small businesses-friendly."

Making state services more efficient through using technology to save money is also high on Ahmed's campaign agenda, as is education.

"I'm a big proponent of improving education and was probably the only Democrat in the county who supported charter schools," he said. "I was also the only one who supported the (controversial) ICC (Intercounty Connector highway). Now that it's being built, I want to work to reduce the proposed high ICC toll charges."

In addition to his business and technology experience, Ahmed said he has worked as a volunteer in the area over the years, helping refugees brought to the area by local church groups; volunteering for several years with Winter Haven, which provides shelter in Laurel to the homeless during the winter; and helping Dr. Feroz Padder, of Laurel, set up a free medical and psychiatric clinic in the city in 2008. In 2006, Ahmed received the Governor's Volunteer Service Award.

"My passion is to help people and I've never shied away from hard work," he said.

"I'm not afraid of the challenges ahead in the race," Ahmed said. "I hope and feel that the work I've done in the past will help me win."

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