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CWMALLS CHINA COMMODITY LIMITED was established in 2010. Its predecessor has had export experience in traditional trading field for more than 16 years. Due to the continuous improvement of product, market, technology, logistics and service, now it turns to an E-Commerce corporation focusing on Business to Customers retail endeavoring to sell high quality innovative featured products (handicrafts, original designed products, innovative feature products, etc.) directly to customers by network platforms. It aims to make it “Cwmalls Manufactures, Global Shares”.

CWMALLS COMMODITY (WWW.CWMALLS.COM) has an operating center of 900 sq.m and a warehouse center of 1,800 sq.m in China; it also has sub-centers in United States, Germany and Australia, thus gathering over innovative feature products all around the world to provide global customers 24-hour continual online direct sales sharing service, and building the sales bridge that leads to every corner of the world. Under the common efforts of our transnational online sharing shopping operation team, technology team, product team, etc. that are formed by our staff all round the world, CWMALLS COMMODITY is offering a flow of high quality products and great service to customers around the world! Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you!

Make original design blossom and yield; Make dream come true, we share together!(More of our high quality feature products are directly or indirectly from 27 countries and regions such as Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Canada, the United States, China, etc., for you to purchase, experience and share on line!)

Company Culture: Generous, Modest, Aggressive, Meditative
Core Value: Cooperation, Respect, Persistence, Innovation
Company Mission: Integrating world’s innovative featured products for you to share and benefit everyone!
Cwmalls will be more wonderful with you! Cwmalls is around you!
Profession makes outstanding—sharing!
Openness, cooperation, and share; innovation, implement, and learning!


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