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May 21, 2008


About Esmeraldadesigns:

Soulful, Raw and Ethereal Designs for women and men made with eco-friendly methods. My designs are as the diamonds I use; rough, beautiful and conflict-free.

One cannot apply linear consumption pattern to a non renewable source for ever....

Metals and Minerals are not renewable sources, and mining for them is often very harmful to the environment. In addition to chemicals and fuel spills in the mining process per se, the damage to precious eco-systems and fragile habitats is sometimes permanent. Wars and loss of human lives has through history even through presrnt days been the rule rather than exception in gaining control over metal and mineral sources. Copper and Diamonds are two of the more well known examples.

Therefor, my designs are made with eco-friendly avant-garde methods and up-cycled metals. For instance, all my fine silver is recycled from photographic film and the bronze comes mainly from scrap copper.

Needless to say, my rough diamonds are conflict free and I use diamonds mined in four of the 74 countries that signed the Kimberley Process; The Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Canada and Russia. The Kimberley Process and System of Warranties is a UN mandated and monitored system. For more information visit

My new line of *sculpted bronze* pieces, made from BRONZclay%u2122, brand new eco-conscious technology made from recycled copper (bronze is a combination of mostly copper and a little bit of tin) and tin and binder that was shaped and hand-carved and then fired in active carbon, just like out of the ashes in Pompeji. The patina is natural and will reveal shining bronze if you polish it...very cool!

My Heart collection features fine silver jewelry that speak to your heart and my Soul Collection features soulful sculpted bronze pieces. And combinations of silver and Bronze.
My Spirit collection features one-of a kind high-end spiritual pieces in 14K or 22K gold with exquisite precious stones. Also here you find my doeskin pieces. Only seven pieces are designed every third year. Previous years collections are sold out, the designs are found in collections of lovely costumers in the US and abroad. Three of the latest designs are still available for purchase.

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    From: Samantha Lockwood

    Hey! I hope you're entering our Handmade Featured Artist Contest.

    Posted 9 Years Ago

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    From: Chad Osko

    Hey, it's Chad from ThisNext. I'm actually writing because I noticed that you're an Etsy seller/indie designer. I love what you're doing, by the way. Our users are really wanting to see more indie/handmade products, So, we're in the process of developing a plan that would be helpful to indie designers, like yourself, and that would bring more awesome handmade goods. We'd really love your thoughts and opinions. So, if you have time, contact me by mail at, by AIM at "chadosko" or you can just compliment back. Thanks!

    Posted 9 Years Ago

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