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High Quality Flavored Toothpicks and Smoking Cessation Is What We Do!

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About Flavasticks:

Our Toothpicks and Bully Chewing Sticks Fix The Craving for Carbs, Sugar and Nicotine. Our gourmet line of wood sticks are all natural! Get rid of your hard candy and gum and order some today. We now sell NEXgen & Knight Sticks Rechargeable E-Cigarettes!

Made of the best birch wood, our chewing wood flavored toothpicks come manufactured in a whole host of delightful flavors including cinnamon toothpicks, strawberry toothpicks, cinnamint toothpicks, wintergreen toothpicks, and spearmint/peppermint toothpicks.

The undeniably best Birch Wood Flavored toothpicks on the market!

They work great after eating or drinking, as well as heartburn and stomach aches.

Our extreme flavored toothpicks are made of wood, which we have determined to be far superior to plastic and bamboo toothpick products.

Be amazed by the power of the Flavastick Toothpick. You will love our flavored wood toothpicks!

No Calories No Carbs, No Sugars! ALL THE FLAVA! We Only Use Natural Ingredients & The Best Birch Wood.

We know sell NEXgen & Knight Sticks Rechargeable E-Cigarettes!

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