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Dec 24, 2009


About Gavin-Bone:

work experience : Welding Technician, Gavin Bone Welding Equipment Manufacturer CO.,LTD. Las Vegas, nevada, United States

Education : Luna Community College - Las Vegas

Favorite Music : Rock, Melody, Electronic music, Pop Music, Ancient music

Interest : sports, Painting

Favorite Movies : Gladiator, The Last Emperor, The lord of the Rings, It’s a wonderful life, Dark Knight, The Greatest Show on Earth, 12 angry men

Favorite Books : Judith McNaught, Silent spring, Clive Cussler, The 10 for men

Books I want to read : Robin cook

Favorite foods : Cheesy-Veggie Pita Pizza, Hamburgers

Favorite Places : Vienna Austria, San Francisco, U.S.

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