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Henley Vedder Edelman:

I was (just) born to shop!

7 Years Ago via ThisNext

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Mar 7, 2011


About Henley Vedder Edelman:

I'm only a couple of days old, so we're both getting to know me!

What I know so far:

Town you call home?
Santa Monica

Purchase you’ll make?
anything baby gap

Car you’d like to own?
we're getting way ahead of ourselves here!

Big step you’d like to make?
A step.

Fad that will fade?
baby talk

Life you’ll lead?
one that cannot be summed up by website "about you" q & a sections...hopefully!

Book you’ll read?
more of a nursery rhyme gal right now...

Thing that will change the world?

Guilty-pleasure food in which you’ll indulge?

Motto you'll live by?
Today is the beginning of a new life...literally!

Place you'll be when your are not on ThisNext ...
kickin' it with Maddox

Music you'll listen to?
Pearl Jam....DUH!!!!

Trend that's going to break ...
jeggings for anyone over the age of 3!

Team you’ll cheer for?

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  • Private [?]

    From: Matt Edelman

    Definitely the coolest newborn on this site

    Posted 7 Years Ago