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I'm a Chicago native, but moved to Los Angeles to attend FIDM. With strong influence from my public relations executive mother, who owned her own business, I knew that operating and developing my own company would be in my future. While at FIDM, I put into motion my strong business abilities and successfully launched a computer software e-commerce company with my brother. Exploring how to combine my passion for fashion and knowledge of e-commerce, I created the idea of launching an e-commerce site driven by intimate apparel. Frustrated with the lack of being able to find unique and special intimate items without having to travel to many boutiques, I knew the idea to launch a one-stop shop that would provide consumers with unique options and current information on trends was much needed for online consumers. Meeting future business partner, Light Silver while he was operating another online company, I pitched the idea and developed the business plan for our new venture, Graffiti Pink.

I am involved with building and operating the brand with partner Light, as well as consulting on our in-house intimate apparel lines, Cotton Candy and Graffiti Pink premium. Graffiti Pink allows me to incorporate my business, marketing and fashion skills. GraffitiPink.com launched November 2006. My goal is to build the site into retail locations that will appeal to fashion-driven women in Miami, New York and Los Angeles. I am thrilled to begin with e-commerce, knowing that Graffiti Pink will provide female consumers, like myself, with hard to find apparel without having to leave the convenience of their home or office.

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