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Oct 6, 2007


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I am a Professional Foodie. My love of Mediterranean cuisine, my years of work in the Holistic Health field, and my passion for travel and exploring new cultures are the fodder for my blogs: The Leftover Queen and Jenn’s Travel Closeup where I feature my culinary creations, write about my travels and writes restaurant reviews. I am known all over the food blogging world as the creator of The Foodie Blogroll, a fast-growing online community for Foodies the world over which boasts over 500 members from every corner of the globe. I manage this community on The Leftover Queen Forum. My work has been featured in newspapers and online magazines. My current projects are teaching cooking to children and adults at The Culinaria Food Arts Studio in Ocala, FL and working as a Culinary Advisor for private cafés and restaurants.

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