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The LTD EDN Projects symbol blesses the human spirit using Love Through Design as its platform and you as the follower of our ideology. The Hindu Deity Ganesh our emblem of Prosperity, who was born from the Creator and the Destroyer, shows how obstacles of adversity can be replaced with hope.

Each part of our symbol breathes out the message of what we stand for from the large elephant head, an emblematic image of our Knowledge. The large ears that are constantly listening, sifting the positive from the negative to bring purity

The trunk which is used for the prevalent to the slightest tasks from moving large objects to cutting blades of grass for food which is representational of our integrity, and our standing for anti discrimination.

The “X” on the forehead is a figurative icon that shows our connection with artists and brands that share our ethos to create limited edition pieces that help raise funds and awareness for the non-profit movements that we work with.


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