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Sep 22, 2006


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I am an independent public relations representative, consultant and writer based in New York. You can read my thoughts on art, politics and style at

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  • Private [?]

    From: sternemillay

    nice share

    Posted 8 Months Ago

  • Private [?]

    From: yellowcabsan2

    fab collection

    Posted 1 Year Ago

  • Private [?]

    From: boliger

    good share

    Posted 2 Years Ago

  • Private [?]

    From: amy bush

    Hello..May i make you as friend ?

    Posted 7 Years Ago

  • Private [?]

    From: blakeycb

    i love your search terms - aristocratic bearings - hilarious.

    Posted 9 Years Ago

  • Private [?]

    From: Nam Kim

    ~honored to be included in your list! just wanted to let you know the fly by night bags are now on SALE! thanks, nam

    Posted 9 Years Ago