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Should be a quiet #shopping weekend since no new people have been able to find jobs. Hope Obama surprises us next week.

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Santa Monica, CA, US


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I'm a New Yorker who has loved waking up for the past 17 years in a part of the country where the weather never gets in the way of your day. I'm also a serial entrepreneur and have enjoyed - or at least appreciated - every experience that's wrapped up in that choice. I believe life is too short to put off doing things that make you happy, and I keep reminding myself not to take things too seriously. And WOW do I love my family!

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    From: fashionistaDIVAgrrrl

    Awe! Thank you!!

    Posted 6 Years Ago

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    From: Yie lim

    Thanks for the friendship :)

    Posted 6 Years Ago

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