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Grassroots innovations are essentially technological solutions generated by common people to tide over persistent problems. The solutions to such problems are either not available or unaffordable by a large section of the society in developing countries like India. The possibility of developing successful business models based on these innovations is very high because they originate from people having first-hand experience of all the issues involved. These innovations are thus need-based, simple, cost-effective and sustainable.
The basic goal of Business Development department of NIF is to build a value chain around these innovations to facilitate their transition into self-supporting sustainable enterprises. The ultimate objective is to make these innovative products available to the masses through the market mechanism or otherwise. It has to be underlined here that if these innovations exist and that they need to be taken further they would require a hand-holding support and healthy eco system in place, which is replicable and can connect these innovations with enterprises and help them flourish.

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