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Nov 6, 2006


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I am a new yorker who loves fashion, design, art, fashion, shopping, technology, politics, my dog sophie, and absolutely everything in between. visit my blog and you'll know exactly what i mean. xo, Melanie

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  • Private [?]

    From: impluse

    Nice Collection!

    Posted 10 Days Ago

  • Private [?]

    From: impulseleehome

    Great Collection!

    Posted 19 Days Ago

  • Private [?]

    From: RoofReplacement

    Great Work

    Posted 2 Months Ago

  • Private [?]

    From: Eitan Hagler

    Hey I just joined this site and I added you as a friend! I like your site!

    Posted 8 Years Ago

  • Private [?]

    From: CadetLady

    I wanted to say hi! I saw that you are from Manhattan my sister lives in New York as well! She graduated from Pratt University for Interior Design and Architecture. I added you to my friends :)

    Posted 8 Years Ago