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PureSport is a great tasting, internationally recognised protein based performance drink providing sustained energy and alertness, leading to improved performance during sport, exercise and at work.

Unlike other rehydration drinks, PureSport's unique combination of protein and both simple and complex carbohydrates provides sustained energy through advanced rehydration, allowing improved muscle endurance and reduced soreness after sporting activitives and hard labour.

Given PureSport contains one third the sugar of other formulations it also helps avoid the sugar rush and crash cycle associated with some hydration drinks.

PureSport is a water based premium performance drink also featuring Vitamin C antioxidants to promote a stronger immune system, added electrolytes to help reduce muscle cramping. PureSport can be used before, during and after physical exertion and is especially beneficial for those exercising and working in extreme heat.

Available in four great flavours, PureSport was developed for and used by elite athletes, including 14 time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, but is extremely beneficial for everyone who needs to maintain energy and alertness during all forms of physical acitivity and at work.

Delivered in a convenient powder form, PureSport offers great value for money per serve and the knowledge that you are providing your body exactly what it needs every time.

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