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Feb 8, 2008


About Quijbe:

I live outside Boulder CO navigating a career in the computer industry while seeking export to my musical and artistic inclininations. Close to the music scene in Denver, yu may find me often attending shows of my favorite bands or production companys. I am very adept with technology, In fact my side-business is installing or repairing secured computer systems for companies. My girlfriend Danica is very fashionable, her style is unique but classic, in the style of old Hollywood and European elegance. I am also attending school in pursuit of a masters degree in psychology, I want to eventually work with dying and disabled children. They are more inspirational to me than I think I'll ever be to them, I want to give what I can while I'm strong.

We are both very compassionate and community involved people. I work with several non-profit organizations, just in the capacity to keep their computers and networks running, so they can continue to provide their assistance unfettered. We've helped bands get into venues, and some of our favorite local artists attain larger recognition. Our current project is a collaboration with Joey Krebs of Art Saves Lives to produce a roaming multi-media performance.

However we are not so common. We have eclectic tastes, having at one time both a home in the capitol hill area of downtown Denver while maintaining another in the sleepy town of Longmont. This is because we enjoy the throbbing pulse of the big city life, and also the inspirational tranquility and humbleness a small and quant town affords. We are even recognized in some of the smallest mountain communities like Jamestown and Gold Hill, where we participate in poetry recitals and art\music workshops. Those mountain folks are pretty deep.

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    From: hanahula

    Happy Peeps Day !

    Posted 7 Years Ago

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    From: hanahula

    Thank you! I have lots of fun here. :-)

    Posted 8 Years Ago