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    From: sylvia x

    It's the BEST little Dynamo in the Universe! / kissthecook123 , Select your location: CAAverage Customer Rating: 5.0 out of 5 Date: 02/23/2010 This is truly the way to Exercise in the 21st Century! This is my NEW BEST FRIEND. I use it religiously once or twice a Day and after less than a week, I feel better, have more Energy and my upper Arms are getting tighter. If you don’t get this to work, it’s because you DON’T WAN’T to change your Life, the way you feel and look! 6 Inches apart, twirl away from you until the Rope Coils. It’s so easy. I own every Item on the Market from Total Gym, Franks Sepe Twister and Suzanne Somers to Soloflex. All of them are collecting Dust in my House. Forbes Riley is a GENIUS! Thanks for motivating me & getting me back on Track. Sylvia in California

    Posted 7 Years Ago