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Swaphos is the first male child in five generations of collectors. If it was antique, old, vintage, odd, blue, red, glass, wood, china, sterling, or had any other fixed characteristic that could be collected, it was collected by the women in his family. Well, eventually all good things come to an end and all the collectibles ended up with Swaphos. Guess what? Swaphos has chillen who have no interest in collecting anything, so what is Swaphos to do with all of this stuff?

To make matters even more interesting, Swaphos caught and tamed Miss Kitty...yep she's the one, and she and Swaphos' mama never saw eye to eye on much of anything 'cept how sweet Ol' Swaphos is. So Miss Kitty said "Swaphos, we've got to get rid of all of this stuff."

Thus was born Santa Fe Trading Post. Miss Kitty didn't cotton much to collecting, but she is an expert at research and she loves history -- after all, she's seen and made enough history herself! So Swaphos assigned Miss Kitty the task of researching and cataloging the "stuff" and soon Miss Kitty discovered that the "stuff" was historical and absolute "treasures". Not only that, these now "unique treasures" are in demand by many people.

Folks not only came to the virtual TRADING POST to buy, but they came to learn and to seek information and assistance in finding other treasures. Emails started coming and eventually became a sort of blog section of their own. Would you believe long lost relatives were re-united because of our site? See the Gay Fad emails.

The emails/blogs give glimpses into Miss Kitty as well as Ol' Swaphos himself, and one email in particular, when Ol" Swaphos sort of let his hair down with Nick over a Mint Julep, sort of gives the "official bio" on Ol' Swaphos. You can read it here:

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