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Oct 6, 2007


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I am the founder of Tees For Change, a line of eco-friendly tees adorned with inspirational messages such as CHOOSE HAPPINESS, PRACTICE KINDNESS, LIVE MINDFULLY and TODAY MATTERS. I started Tees For Change when I was pregnant with my son in early 2007 and received a lot of negative reactions to our decision to have a natural home birth with a midwife. I wanted the t-shirts to reinforce my positive thoughts and to inspire others to think positively and live life with passion and purpose.

I also wanted to give back to the community, so I’ve partnered with Global ReLeaf to plant a tree for every tee we sell through our website, www.teesforchange.com. I have over 10 years of marketing experience, including a Marketing degree from Cornell University, and I’ve been a consultant for some of today’s top eco-friendly companies.

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    From: ggottagetta


    Posted 2 Years Ago

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    From: Terry Bain

    What causes people to be critical of others for choosing to birth at home? It makes me insane. It's all about ignorance and consumerism (which is frankly a slightly ironic statement to make here on ThisNext, but I'm going to make it anyway). Bully for you. And blessings. Terry

    Posted 9 Years Ago

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    From: whosdiary


    Posted 10 Years Ago