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The genesis of thegroovymind came from years of political and environmental activism and the desire to find a socially responsible means of support that would enable founders Nicke Gorney and Melanie Mitzner to further these movements. Over the years, they have worked for social and economic justice at home and abroad. They met during the turbulent '80s and attended many protests in New York and Washington, D.C.

As a screenwriter, playwright and novelist, Melanie Mitzner has focused on social and psychological issues affecting cultures and societies around the world, from the inequities and violence in Central America and the pandemic spread of AIDS to the disingenuousness of the media at home and abroad.

Nicke Gorney has had critically acclaimed shows of abstract art and politically charged mixed media in museums and galleries in New York and Long Island. She spent 16 years growing and distributing organic greens and sprouts to fine restaurants, health food stores and gourmet markets, raising awareness of the nutritional value and environmental safety of organically grown produce.

Together they launched The Groovy Mind to further the movements of environmental sustainability and social and economic justice through sourcing, promoting and selling organic, Fair Trade and eco-friendly products that break the cycle of poverty while protecting our natural resources.

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