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Dec 5, 2007


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I'm a first-time, stay-at-home mom to an amazing little girl named Larkin. I'm a newlywed. My husband is my best friend & my daughter is what makes life beautiful. I love animals. I've got about 10 cats right now. I lose track of how many there are b/c they come and go at any given time & I also feed the "neighborhood". I adore books. I've read hundreds, maybe thousands. One day, I hope to have a home with a room that has built-in bookshelves from the ceiling to the floor... all full of books, of course. I love movies. I've seen even more movies than the number of books I've read. I LOVE art. I love making things, pretty much anything I can think of. I've got a shop on Etsy called TheOffbeatBoutique. It's brand new but, I'm proud of it. I think that's abot it for now!

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