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Aug 30, 2007


About Tobi-boutique:

Tobi was started by two fashion fanatic Cornell girls with a shared obsession for the runway and sale racks. Corina studied architecture and was primed for a career with a top firm, while Catherine focused her knack for customer service for a degree in hotel management. Having never met at school, they were introduced by a mutual friend in San Francisco. It was love at first sight.

“I love your jeans!”

“I love that jacket!”

“Oh my God where’d you get that handbag?!”

“I want that necklace!”

And so on.

With a common eye for good style, the new best-friends-forever ditched their career paths for a dream. They opened Azalea Boutique in San Francisco in 2003 on a mission to offer their vision of what shopping should be—a fun, full-service experience pairing the best selection with the best service, including personal styling and an in-house nail salon. In 2007, Corina and Catherine launched Tobi to deliver their unique product selection and personal styling to online customers.

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