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About ValerieWaters:

I am the go-to-girl when Hollywood’s A-Listers need to get in shape…and fast! Known as the ultimate fitness problem solver, I am called on to whip someone into shape, even if the event is just weeks away. They call me because I have won the reputation for a quick turn-around, and a trademark look that is more tone and trim than bulk and build. For females I draw from the very physiques that inspire me: athletic, elegant, and toned, while still feminine. For males, I avoid excess mass in favor of a fit, lean appearance. I worked with Cindy Crawford for fifteen years through a busy career and two pregnancies, and I took Jennifer Garner from a super spy to super hero, then to a super sexy mom.

I have made TV appearances on Good Morning America, E News, VH1 and CNN among others, and am regularly featured in top publications ranging from Glamour, Vanity Fair, In Style, Fitness and Self, to People US Weekly and Life & Style.

I am the founder and owner of The Muscle Truck, a fully outfitted, high-end gym packed neatly into the back of an eighteen-wheel rig that moves from one movie set to another in order to keep the cast in great shape! No matter where my clients are and whether they have access to a gym or not, I always finds a way to keep them in amazing shape.

I live and train my clients in Brentwood, California. I stay in shape by not only following my own programs of circuit training and my Red Carpet Ready diet, but also by doing yoga regularly, surfing, and hiking with my dogs Cody and Lexi.

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