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Jan 5, 2010


About alicious83:

I am a Florida native, now living in beautiful Brooklyn, NY with my handsome little Chihuahua Chili Palmer. I work at a boutique hotel in Manhattan as a concierge and spend much of my free time decorating my apartment, finding vintage items for my Etsy store, and writing on my blog!

My current project is redecorating my bedroom Hollywood glam style. So right now I am painting most of my furniture white with silver accents and painting my walls a couple shades of gray. Im adding some vintage milk glass pieces, lots of mirrors, silver, possibly a cute wall decal and looking for the perfect chandelier and duvey cover. Things are coming right along with the furniture painting, so I should have pics up very soon!

Aside from my Hollywood glam project, I am trying to build up my Etsy store I love to visit various stores in Brooklyn in search for beautiful vintage handbags, glassware, wood, ect. I have tons of stuff to post at home, I now just need to find the time to post everything. I need to get my store moving!

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