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I’m a Registered Nurse with a specialty in developmental disabilities, as well as the range of illnesses that accompanies this field of nursing. Right now, I’m taking a sabbatical from the rat race of the medical system to spend time with my three children and pursue my passion for alternative health research.

While searching for safe feeding gear, I realized how limited the information was and how few options were available. What started as a growing awareness of toxic plastics, became a mission to care for my own children and newborn nephews. A highly motivated search team grew out of my concerned family members and now we work together to find the highest quality non-toxic baby care products for our children and yours. Our passion is to help concerned parents raise healthy children in the most natural way possible. We just know you’ll benefit from our research and personal experience!

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    From: FunkyChic

    So funny! I just joined ThisNext and I have been wanting to get a Safe Sippy but didn't have a local resource. I am so glad I found you and saw your site. Great reviews and I will be buying one soon!

    Posted 10 Years Ago