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Thank you for your interest in our store. Chasing Attire is a high-end retailer of canine couture fashions and designer dog apparel. We bring the most exquisite labels to your pampered pet with premium materials, refined designs and unrivaled craftsmanship. Your posh pooch is sure to be a fashion titan, whether they prefer our contemporary flairs, vintage rebirths, superstar styles, or have a palate for a trend-setting combination of flavors. In addition to our retail sales we also strive to provide education and useful information regarding pet care for pet parents as well as the general public. Additionally, we are an avid supporter of animal rights and hold corporate memberships in several local and national animal welfare organizations.

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    From: berkeleytaxiservice12

    Nice work.

    Posted 2 Years Ago

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    From: impulselee524


    Posted 2 Years Ago

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    From: JustEliana

    Someone has a birthday coming soon! Add some products to your Wish List. You can email it to your friends to give them a little nudge. :) AIM me at ElianaTN if you have any questions.

    Posted 9 Years Ago