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Nov 16, 2006


About bitchinmona:

• I am perpetually connected to the Internet in some way. Either I'm tethered to my desk at work or I have my iPhone with me. I seriously feel cut-off and impotent without web access.

• I'm a sucker for software: browser plug-ins, productivity tools, computer customization applications... I'll try almost anything and I'm constantly on the look-out for a hot new utility that I'll adore. User Interface design is important, though; I've uninstalled many programs simply because it had an unappealing US.

• If there's a standard or traditional option and a modern or creative option for anything, I'll probably choose the modern or creative alternative.

• I love finding and buying new and cool things, but I also love cheapassery. I'll hunt down the cheapest travel arrangements, the 'free shipping' coupon codes, and the hidden jewel bargains for just about everything I purchase.

• My brain is simply unable and unwilling to wrap itself around any business without a decent web presence. I'm genuinely confused when I can't find something through Google.

• I just want things to be beautiful. It doesn't matter what it is; could be a notebook, nail clippers, wrapping paper, socks, thumbtacks, tissues, appliances, toothbrushes, brooms, cookware... anything, really. I firmly believe that the function of an item shouldn't preclude attention to its appearance, and material beauty is *not* superfluous, shallow, or a luxury. Yeah, I do realize that those big bins are going to be lugging GARBAGE out to the curb, but to me, there's just no reason it has to be bland beige, green, brown, or black. Why not give me a bin with purple, turquoise, and lime green stripes?

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