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I always say that I find it a bit pretentious to talk about onself but here goes... I am a proud new mama, a social worker, a housewive (for the time being), an epicurean (love food wine & good times), an entrepreneur, a latina (born in ecuador), and a new yorker! I love God, my family, nature, organics, sustainability, my dogs (all animals for that matter), reading, music, learning, laughing, wit, sarcasm, eating healthy, bootcamp workouts, cooking, yoga, reality tv, documentaries (about everything), recycling, donating, and the list goes on. I gave birth to my precious son Jordan four moths ago and he has completely renewed my sense of what's important in life, my drive, my passion, and my desire to live a rewarding. Parenthood is a journey no one can prepare you for, so complex, emotional, stressful, and confusing at times but I would not give it up for the world! I am currently actively pursuing my dream of launching my own environmentally conscious lifestyle brand, BODYSOULBABY. Be on the lookout for us! You all inspire me and I only hope to be be a source of inspiration myself. Enchante...

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