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"I love a house to look as if it evolved over time," says Bunny Williams. "A room comes alive when there's a spontaneous mix of different periods, raw materials and high-quality design. It becomes more interesting the longer you remain in it."

This is obviously an idea that resonates, for Williams is one of the world's most sought-after designers. Since she launched her design firm in 1988, she has created environments for the good life in New York apartments, Palm Beach villas, Aspen ski lodges, Texas ranches and Provence manoirs.

The lived-in look is deceptive, of course. It requires careful balancing of objects, fabrics, textures and colors, an art that Williams learned while working with the venerable decorating firm of Parish-Hadley Associates. She calls her years there a nonpareil education, more far-reaching and realistic than anything taught in school.

"An eye for design isn't enough," she says. "You must know what can and cannot be done, and how it all goes together. Homes are for people and have to be comfortable and functional as well as beautiful."

Her passion for design extends into the garden. She co-owns Treillage Ltd., a celebrated garden furniture and ornament shop in New York.

Bunny Williams, Inc.
306 East 61st Street
Fifth Floor
New York, NY 10021

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