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About cooperbates:

I manage all aspects of Hint Mint with a signature style and charm learned over a lifetime of adventure and success.

I'm an actor-turned-candymaker, and began my journey to mint manufacturing in Hill City,
Kan., where I grew up in one of only two black families in the town. After childhood,
I headed to Dallas, Texas to pursue acting, where I found myself sleeping in the
basement of The Dawson Acting Conservatory. It didn’t take long to land a
few gigs, one of which led to a meeting with my current business partner, Harley Cross
in 1986. Despite a 12-year age difference we quickly became friends.

We were later reunited in 1990 after I moved to Los Angeles. After
relocating, Harley’s father offered me a teaching position at a non-profit school in
Haiti. I accepted and found myself on the island nation as an educator. During
the next six months, I lived a life stranger than fiction. I suffered a
near fatal scorpion bite and was resuscitated by a voodoo remedy, was nearly flogged by
an angry mob from a distant village and fought off a shark with my bare hands. In true
Cooper form, I walked away from the experiences in Haiti with a sense of
accomplishment and everlasting memories.

In 1998, Harley approached me with a secret. He had trademarked the name “Hint
Mint” and was looking for a partner to produce a cool, original and sexy mint. Looking
to merge my own creativity with Harley’s business savvy, I gladly accepted the
position as Founder and Vice President -- and the rest is Hint Mint history.

Today, with the loving support of my two beautiful daughters, I oversee all
aspects of Hint Mint including vendor relations and artistic development. I continue to
develop many film projects and have plans to return to Haiti to shoot a documentary about
the Haitian Revolution.

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