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My name is, Houstina Summers a fasion designer from Los Angeles. My line of accessories and clothing are uniquely handmade design pieces that fulfill the need to find new meanings in every day objects and transform them into heavenly ones. The collection is constantly nourishing from contemporary art and fashion trends. My first collection is based on the concept of ribbons and bows, re signifying the use of buttons, lace, crochet, pins, threads, etc. to create fun, wearable, unique accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, belts, earrings, brooches, rings, bags and clothing.

The name of my company is, Cowgirlheaven which was officially founded in May 2006 by a humble graphic design student, Houstina Summers. Born September 1, 1981 in Los Angeles, California to parent Lola Cain. The second oldest girl of four, including two sisters and one brother Houston former Capitol Recording artist. Raised in the colorful streets of L.A, she had a very rich upbringing laying a foundation strong amongst family, religion, and education. As a girl, Houstina was very active in church, social activities, sports, and culinary delight. She trained as an artist in the areas of illustration, painting, and seamstress. In her Mothers home the walls and shelves were blessed with painting and sculptures from her Belizean Grandfather P. Cain. Growing up around the rhyme vibrations of reggae and the island taste of black soup drove her anxiety to create. Birthing “the Gift Collection” which launched in late 2007. Houstina’s passion for fashion is a complete combinations of influences by her personal experiences, ranging from the ROOTS of old island fashion exemplified by her mother and older ladies of the church; the SPIRITS of fashion illustrated by her aunts, and the LIFE of fashion that she personally created using all other influences in a melting pot.

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