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Long known and loved for his traditional interiors and timeless furniture designs, David Easton is ready for a change. "Early in life I was set on a traditional path," says the designer, who grew up in his grandmother’s "quintessential American," Georgian brick house in Pennsylvania. A scholarship to study design and art in Europe bolstered his traditional point of view. But if you consider some of Easton’s current "influences"-the work of Mexican architect Luis Barragán, for example-you can see that he is, in the latter part of his career, paring down and embracing a decidedly modern outlook.

This shouldn’t come as a complete surprise. With a respectful bow to Albert Hadley, Easton credits Billy Baldwin as his most influential mentor. "Billy was one of those people who knew how to edit, and that’s why his rooms still look good," explains Easton. "I learned an important credo from him: Edit, edit, edit."

Although not obviously related to Baldwin in his aesthetic, Karl Friedrich Schinkel, the German proto-modernist of the 1850s and 1860s, is someone whom Easton admires for similar reasons: his simplicity and directness. Perhaps the only way to ride with the twentieth century is to lighten one’s load. "The world is changing, and I’m very excited about the modern projects that [my firm is] taking on. We’re moving forward."

David Easton Inc.
72 Spring Street, 7th Floor
New York , NY 10012
212- 334-3820

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