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Jun 10, 2007


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I am always looking for a niche to fill, the special but forgotten or yet to be embraced. The last thing the world needs is another sushi restaurant or bar. I'm a sybarite and enjoy things that combine utility with beauty that enhance our lives. A little over 2 yrs ago I started BrellaBar hoping to turn people on to the possibilities for the umbrella which were forgotten in the stampede to buy cheap dispensible chinese umbrellas for a dollar. The umbrella can be the most expressive accessory and totally change one's relationship to an inclement day. Once you own one of our umbrellas you wont want to go back and you will privately chuckle as you walk down the street with your umbrella in tact while everyone elses are
breaking and groaning in the wind.

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    From: Angry

    Hi David, This is Richard from Fulton Umbrellas. I need you to pay me what you owe me in products for BrellaBar. US$1,932.40 and I am very dissapointed you have not gotten in touch with me as the store is now closed and I have to spend my time chasing you...

    Posted 10 Years Ago